“Drive for Show, Putt for Dough”: True or False?

“Drive for show, putt for dough.” It’s one of the most famous maxims in golf. And, while it is beyond question that the ability to turn a two-putt green into a one-putt is what gets players below par—where they must be to place high on tournament leaderboards—it is not … read more

What Do Corporate Lawyers Actually Do?

I know a guy who publishes books about archaeology. Mind you, these are not tales of Indiana Jones-like adventurers running through the jungle, dodging poison darts and Nazis as they heroically rescue a priceless artifact. No, this guy publishes the actual, day-to-day work of archaeologists: hours spent crouched in … read more

Great Golfers of the ’70s and Today: Who’s the Best?

Discussions and arguments centered on settling the “greatest of all time” are a favorite activity of fans in every sport, second only to playing or watching the sport itself. Golf is no exception. Such debates can never be finally settled because players from different eras can never compete directly while … read more

Law on the Silver Screen: The Movies and TV Shows That Got It Right

I’m acquainted with a guy who used to be a trumpet player. He says that nothing drives him crazier than watching a TV show or movie where someone is supposed to be playing the trumpet, but they’re either holding it in the wrong hand or their fingers have nothing to … read more

Maybe You’re Not a Novelist: Other Types of Writing to Try

In the legal profession, there are many ways to make a living other than litigation. That’s a good thing, too, because there are many different types of lawyers, each with differing abilities and preferences. For example, the histrionics of the courtroom, where lawyers often resort to dramatic speech and flamboyant … read more

Best Lawyer-Novelists in the Business

A cursory glance through literary history will turn up a host of great writers who started out as something else. Charles Dickens—newspaper reporter; Franz Kafka—insurance executive; Zane Grey—dentist; Harper Lee—airline reservation attendant; Stephen King—janitor… and the list goes on. It seems that the “writing sickness” can and does claim people from every other occupation. No wonder that book publishing is often referred to as “the accidental profession.”

Climate Change and the Game of Golf

No matter whether you attribute climate change to the impact of human behavior or the implacable, centuries-long cycles of nature, shifting patterns of weather and climate are affecting golf. From the craggy coasts of Scotland to the lush islands of the South Pacific, shifts in weather patterns and sea-level … read more

BookReporter Review

This summer’s selection of golf books includes biographies of golfing icons Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, as well as an interesting work of golf-themed fiction. Golf fiction is rare, and most of the interesting golf novels are spiritual in nature. Michael Murphy’s GOLF IN THE KINGDOM and Steven Pressfield’s THE … read more

Bad Lies: First Review

by Les Schupak, Met Golfer

It could be the basis of a new joke: A pro golfer walks into the 19th hole bar, meets a lawyer, and says, “We should write a book together.” The lawyer responds, “About what? Golf and law? Who would read that?”

While it didn’t actually happen that … read more

Advice for Writers

By Shelby Yastrow

Since college I’ve really liked to write, and I fancied myself a pretty good writer. I was the guy in the fraternity, if another guy wanted to write a letter to his girlfriend or a teacher, he’d come to me for help. I always had a way of … read more

Bad Lies Cover


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