Write What You Don’t Know: Researching Like an Expert

Let’s say you’re not Ernest Hemingway, and you can’t, for various reasons, actually travel to 1930s Spain to observe first-hand the goings-on of the Spanish Revolution. And yet, you have a burning desire to tell a story set in the chaos and fiery idealism of those times. Where do … read more

Attending the “Right” Law School: Does It Really Matter?

Right now, there’s a glut of lawyers. Most of us have heard the line from Shakespeare: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” I’m certainly not recommending such a drastic measure, but some judicious pruning probably needs to take place before that freshly minted JD will … read more

Golf in the UK vs. Golf in the USA

Winston Churchill once described America and England as “two nations divided by a common language.” It’s true; while the words are the same, some of the vocabulary is very different. Just ask anybody from Texas or Massachusetts what they thought when an English friend said, “I’m afraid I’ve rather … read more

My Book’s Done, Now What? Options for Publishing Your Work

There’s a saying, “Every busboy in Los Angeles has a screenplay in his back pocket.” While that is less true for book publishing, one of the things you learn early one as a published author is that many people have a book idea they’d like to see published. For … read more

The Life of a Lawyer: Myth vs. Reality

Most people have some kind of image that comes to mind when they hear the word, “lawyer.” They may think of Atticus Finch, the earnest, hardworking country lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird. They may think of Perry Mason, the hard-charging defense attorney on TV who seemed uniquely gifted … read more

Great Characters Don’t Say “Uh”: Writing Hyper-Real Dialogue

One of the first lessons you must learn as a novelist is the difference between the way people actually talk to each other in day-to-day situations and written dialogue that sounds real. Some might think this notion is self-contradictory; after all, if a character is speaking the way people … read more

“Drive for Show, Putt for Dough”: True or False?

“Drive for show, putt for dough.” It’s one of the most famous maxims in golf. And, while it is beyond question that the ability to turn a two-putt green into a one-putt is what gets players below par—where they must be to place high on tournament leaderboards—it is not … read more

What Do Corporate Lawyers Actually Do?

I know a guy who publishes books about archaeology. Mind you, these are not tales of Indiana Jones-like adventurers running through the jungle, dodging poison darts and Nazis as they heroically rescue a priceless artifact. No, this guy publishes the actual, day-to-day work of archaeologists: hours spent crouched in … read more

Great Golfers of the ’70s and Today: Who’s the Best?

Discussions and arguments centered on settling the “greatest of all time” are a favorite activity of fans in every sport, second only to playing or watching the sport itself. Golf is no exception. Such debates can never be finally settled because players from different eras can never compete directly while … read more

Law on the Silver Screen: The Movies and TV Shows That Got It Right

I’m acquainted with a guy who used to be a trumpet player. He says that nothing drives him crazier than watching a TV show or movie where someone is supposed to be playing the trumpet, but they’re either holding it in the wrong hand or their fingers have nothing to … read more

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