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This summer’s selection of golf books includes biographies of golfing icons Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, as well as an interesting work of golf-themed fiction. Golf fiction is rare, and most of the interesting golf novels are spiritual in nature. Michael Murphy’s GOLF IN THE KINGDOM and Steven Pressfield’s THE … read more

Bad Lies: First Review

by Les Schupak, Met Golfer

It could be the basis of a new joke: A pro golfer walks into the 19th hole bar, meets a lawyer, and says, “We should write a book together.” The lawyer responds, “About what? Golf and law? Who would read that?”

While it didn’t actually happen that … read more

Advice for Writers

By Shelby Yastrow

Since college I’ve really liked to write, and I fancied myself a pretty good writer. I was the guy in the fraternity, if another guy wanted to write a letter to his girlfriend or a teacher, he’d come to me for help. I always had a way of … read more

My Love of Golf

By Shelby Yastrow


The beginning of my lifelong love affair with the game of golf was not unlike the scenario played out in Bad Lies. When I was a kid in the 1940s, there was a little country club, a nine-hole pasture course, about five miles out of town. My older … read more

A Peek Behind the Curtain

By Shelby Yastrow


This blog would not be complete without providing a “peek behind the curtain” to meet the incredible lawyer who was the inspiration for Charlie Mayfield, the lawyer who represented the plaintiff, Eddie Bennison, in the trial that was the focus of Bad Lies.


That lawyer was John Cassidy, … read more

Pro Players Who Didn’t Get a Lot of Recognition…But Deserved It

By Tony Jacklin


A big difference between golf when I went on the tour and today is that we weren’t on television. I made the first hole in one ever televised in Britain. It was at Sandwich, I was leading on the 16th hole, a par 3, and … read more

It’s Not the Ball, It’s You

by Tony Jacklin


The biggest change in the game today, apart from the money involved, is probably the golf ball itself. Today’s golf ball literally goes 40 to 50 yards farther than when I was in my prime back in the 1970s and ‘80s. And that’s really a problem.


Titleist is the … read more

The History of Libel Law

by Shelby Yastrow


Bad Lies involves a lawsuit in which a famous athlete sues a popular magazine, charging that the magazine published articles that contained lies about him. Those lies, he contends, damaged his reputation so seriously that his sponsors cancelled his endorsement contracts, his fans—and even his friends—abandoned him, and his … read more

A Case of Inflation

by Shelby Yastrow


Having been the Chief Legal Officer at McDonald’s for about twenty years, I’ve been asked countless times, “What kind of lawsuits did you have at McDonald’s?”


Consider this: We had about 30 million customers a day just in our U.S. restaurants, so an incident with only a one-in-a-million chance of happening … read more

The Hot Seat

by Shelby Yastrow


I have had a very satisfying career in the law. I was third in my class at the Northwestern University School of Law and an editor of the Law Review, I had a good first job in a prominent Chicago law firm (and I was later a partner … read more

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