Grace Under Pressure

By Tony Jacklin


In the late afternoon of Saturday, June 20, 1970, I found myself sitting on a four-stroke lead in the US Open at the Hazeltine Country Club outside of Minneapolis. Playing conditions had been excruciating that week but, accustomed as I was to the winds of Great … read more

Thank You, Walter Hagen

By Tony Jacklin


It’s no secret that many things about golf have changed over the years. Courses are longer, balls are livelier, equipment is better, and professional purses are astronomically bigger. But what has gone largely unnoticed is the esteem in which professional golfers are held.


Not to put too fine … read more

Riddle Me This: What Do Golf and a Courtroom Have in Common?

By Shelby Yastrow


Golf and law are adversarial disciplines where the rules are clear and steady nerves matter as much as talent and skill. In both, the difference between glorious victory and bitter defeat often comes down to the smallest details: a few degrees of angle of a club face or … read more

In Law and Golf, The Little Things Count

By Shelby Yastrow and Tony Jacklin


In both law and golf, little twists or fast or unexpected hiccups can make a world of difference in the outcome. Being a professional means learning to deal with that reality and understand that sometimes, no matter how prepared we think we are, the result … read more

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