The History of Libel Law

by Shelby Yastrow


Bad Lies involves a lawsuit in which a famous athlete sues a popular magazine, charging that the magazine published articles that contained lies about him. Those lies, he contends, damaged his reputation so seriously that his sponsors cancelled his endorsement contracts, his fans—and even his friends—abandoned him, and his … read more

A Case of Inflation

by Shelby Yastrow


Having been the Chief Legal Officer at McDonald’s for about twenty years, I’ve been asked countless times, “What kind of lawsuits did you have at McDonald’s?”


Consider this: We had about 30 million customers a day just in our U.S. restaurants, so an incident with only a one-in-a-million chance of happening … read more

The Hot Seat

by Shelby Yastrow


I have had a very satisfying career in the law. I was third in my class at the Northwestern University School of Law and an editor of the Law Review, I had a good first job in a prominent Chicago law firm (and I was later a partner … read more

Lost Skills of the Old-Time Golf Pro

By Tony Jacklin


Most golf fans today have a vision of the golf pro who flies around the world in private jets to compete for big money at luxurious golf courses in exotic places. That may be true today for the top players in the era of huge purses and big-money endorsement … read more

The Agony and The Ecstasy

By Tony Jacklin


Golf has given me some of the greatest highs that a man can have. There is no way to describe adequately what it is like to win two national championships—The British Open and the US Open—and to hold both titles simultaneously. Or to hit a clutch iron shot on … read more

The Challenge of Writing a Book in English—With an Englishman

By Shelby Yastrow


One might think that I was either crazy, naïve, or overly ambitious to write a book with Tony Jacklin. Possibly all three.  


First, even though the book is a work of fiction, it involves a professional golfer, and that’s a subject Tony has lived and knows so much … read more

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

By Tony Jacklin


Having played competitive professional golf at the highest level for many years, I’ve been asked countless times to identify the greatest golfer of all time. But it’s a question that I can’t answer with confidence, for many reasons. Equipment and golf courses have changed over the years, so we could … read more

Paris and the Ryder Cup

By Tony Jacklin


In 1970, perfume company Lancôme decided to sponsor an exclusive event in Paris at the Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche Golf Club. There were just eight players, all major champions, and let’s just say that we were very well taken care of. We had our own chauffeur-driven Mercedes limousine and stayed at the Paris … read more

Arnie the Aviator

By Tony Jacklin


Arnold and me not long before his death.


Arnold Palmer and I enjoyed a long friendship that transcended our golf rivalry. We even helped each other when we were both grieving over the deaths of our first wives. Of course, I didn’t let that friendship lessen my … read more

The “Gimme” Heard ‘Round the World

By Tony Jacklin


Every golfer who has ever played the game knows a “gimme” when he sees it. It’s a putt that’s so short and easy that one’s opponent will normally, as a mark of sportsmanship, “concede” it in match play. Yet friendships have been lost, and duels have probably been … read more

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